Classes Start: July 23, 2021
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Philosophy, Mission Statement

Philosophy/Mission Statement

Wright Graduate University prepares and develops transformational leaders and coaches through dynamic distance education. WGU integrates the most effective human emergence technologies and relevant research to cultivate scholar practitioners who bring out the best in themselves and those they lead and coach. Members of the WGU community consciously engage in their own transformation and leadership as they coach and support others to unleash their potential for the advancement of humanity and conscious, sustainable living on the planet.

Institutional Outcomes

  • Educate and develop leaders and coaches as scholar practitioners who live the WGU mission and maximize their influence in the world.
  • Synthesize and integrate the best of theory and practice to develop an ever-evolving educational curriculum and methodology that best facilitates the WGU mission.

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“I am thriving because the education at WGU taught me not just to learn with my mind but to lead with my heart.” read Joy's story here 

“I am being uniquely equipped by WGU for life and for making a contribution. In the process, I am both creating a life I love and having a bigger impact while helping others to do the same.” read Amelia's story here