Student and Alumni FAQ

Why is Wright Graduate University closing?

Wright Graduate University had 17 active students enrolled as of April 12, 2023.

Prior to and in the first six months of the COVID-19 pandemic a significant number of prospective students became interested in the University from their non-credit leadership development and social-emotional intelligence training experiences at the Wright Foundation. Enrollment in these non-credit programs has declined significantly due to the continuing economic impact of the pandemic, and despite the University’s significant investments in marketing its programs directly to prospective students, its enrollment has similarly declined to the point of unsustainability.

As a result, the Board of Directors has made the difficult decision to cease enrollment, seek teach-out partnerships for its students, and close Wright Graduate University on May 1, 2024.

When would a teach out occur?

There are two types of teach-outs – internal and external. Since WGU has announced that it is no longer enrolling new students, it has started the internal teach out process. Additionally, we are actively evaluating and identifying other universities that might serve as external teach-out or transfer partners, allowing students to complete their programs at their institutions.

How is the performative learning provided by the Wright Living division of the Wright Foundation affected by this closure announcement and recent transitions?

Wright Living is contracted to provide these performative learning experiences to Wright Graduate University students. There will be no disruption to the availability of performative learning trainings since they are educational experiences required for graduation. Should the university reach an agreement with a teach-out partner, that agreement will include clarity on how these performative learning elements will be delivered going forward, whether by Wright Living or under the auspices of the receiving university.

How will my financial aid be impacted?

You will continue to receive financial aid so long as you remain as an eligible student. Any teach-out agreement made with another institution will be done in close coordination with the Department of Education. Our goal is to minimize any changes or disruptions to students who are currently eligible for federal financial aid. We will keep you informed as we learn more.

Will Wright Graduate University continue to operate as usual in the meantime?

For now, Wright Graduate University and its programs will continue to operate and our current students will continue to receive the excellent scholarly and practically-applied education they have always received from us. Current students will continue to have access to and support from their faculty mentors and administrative support staff as well as career support. However, we will no longer be enrolling new students.

Should I continue to pay tuition?

Nothing changes as of now. You should continue to make payments for your tuition and fees as you always have.

Will our accreditation be changing?

Wright Graduate University’s current grant of accreditation with the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC) lasts until June of 2025. The grant of specialized accreditation our business programs hold with the International Accrediting Council on Business Education (IACBE) is valid through December of 2027 (see member status page).  We are very protective of our accreditations, reputation, and compliance. We are communicating proactively with all the relevant agencies regarding the school’s intent to close, and following all relevant standards, statutes, and guidance to remain in good standing until the University’s closure on May 1, 2024.

You mentioned a new location at the last weekend learning session. Will classes be held there?

Yes, the main campus of the University is now located just outside of downtown Milwaukee, WI, at 1207 West Canal Street. For our students within driving distance of the former campus, the new location is approximately 30 minutes closer to Chicago as well as situated within a mile of the Amtrak line that connects to Chicago’s Union Station. The new location has conference room and media studio spaces to accommodate our weekend learning sessions, and we look forward to hosting students in-person (as well as online) for our April 29-30 weekend learning session. Please note: students in AC72, Transformational Leadership and Group Dynamics, will participate in this weekend 100% online due to the specific format of Group Process training taking place during that weekend.

What if I have recently withdrawn from the school? Can I complete my degree/certificate?

You should contact us immediately to discuss your situation individually to determine your options.

If the courses needed to complete your credential are being taught during the teach-out, we will advise you of issues that could be potential stumbling blocks. For example, once a course is offered, it will not come back around in the rotation. Therefore, if you fail the course, you will be unable to meet the graduation requirements. Additionally, no leaves of absence can be granted, and no reenrollment will be allowed in the case of withdrawal during a teach-out plan. You will need to indicate your understanding that the special circumstances of your reenrollment may prevent you from taking advantage of teach-out or transfer opportunities available to today’s current students.

What if I am unable to complete before May 1, 2024? 

For students who have completed fewer than three quarters at Wright Graduate University, we are planning and preparing to help safeguard your education by actively evaluating and identifying potential partners who would be willing to participate in an orderly teach out or transfer process, which would allow you to complete your program or transfer to another school. You may also wish to consider completing one or more graduate certificates here before considering transfer options, even if completing the master’s degree here is not possible.

However, you may determine that the uncertainty of this path, or the possibility of continuing your studies with no new students beginning the program, or continuing enrollment without the possibility of retakes or leaves of absence (which will be the case during the teach-out) is not the best choice for you.

We will meet with you individually to advise you on the path that is financially and academically most beneficial for you while the school is in the process of this assessing and arranging teach-out and transfer options.

Will I get my tuition money back?

Our objective is to provide options that allow you to complete your program. However, if we are unsuccessful in arranging for an acceptable teach out or program transfer for you, there may be closed school loan discharge or state provided refunds available to you. Information regarding these options will be available from info@wrightgrad.edu.

Will there be a graduation ceremony?

During the pandemic we began providing diplomas by mail to students upon completion of their primary program (along with any certificates earned during that program).

We do not have plans at present for an in-person graduation for those Wright Graduate University students that have not yet had the opportunity to march in a cap-and-gown ceremony.

The quarterly informal commencements held in conjunction with the Wright Foundation’s non-credit programs will continue, where Wright Graduate University graduates have a chance to speak about their experiences. We will be in contact with you as the relevant date for you approaches, and we encourage you to invite friends and family.

The University’s plans for some final celebration will remain to be determined once we know whether a teach-out partner can be found. We will keep in close contact with updates on all these aspects of the school’s closure. 

How do I get copies of my transcript?

You may request a copy of your official transcript from the Registrar (registrar@wrightgrad.edu). Up to 3 official transcripts will be provided without charge.

Where can I file a complaint?

As stated in our catalog’s grievance/complaint policy, we encourage the resolution of grievances in the most direct manner possible, by discussing your concerns or complaints with faculty or staff most able to assist in resolving the matter. We understand that the process of teach-out and closure may cause uncertainty and frustration and are doing everything possible to minimize the disruption to your education.  If you have concerns that we have not been able to satisfy through normal means of dialogue, you can follow the grievance procedure that is located at https://wrightgrad.edu/complaint-grievance-policy/

What will happen to my educational records when Wright Graduate University closes?

If we are able to secure a teach-out agreement with another accredited university, they would assume the records.  In the event that we do not obtain a teach-out partner, the State of Wisconsin would take possession of your educational records when Wright Graduate University closes. We are also exploring whether Parchment’s transcript services may provide access to your transcript in perpetuity, and we will keep you informed as the closure date draws near on how to access your records going forward.

What is going to happen to my teachers and the staff at Wright Graduate University?

As of now, their day-to-day responsibilities will not change. They will continue to teach your classes and provide campus support as before. In the event of a teach out agreement, we will be working with the receiving school to assist our faculty and staff in securing positions. We cannot guarantee job placement, but we will make every effort.

What is the difference between a teach-out and a transfer?

A teach-out is an arrangement by which another school (the “receiving school”) would agree to provide you an opportunity to complete the same or very similar program of study as the one offered by Wright Graduate University. In a teach-out, the receiving school agrees to accept your credits towards the completion of your degree or certificate, even if these credits are slightly different than the courses offered by the receiving school. The receiving school may also accept courses for transfer with lower grades than their policy might allow. Additionally, to the extent it is feasible; you would be able to complete your program for the cost you were promised on your enrollment agreement.

In a transfer you would enroll at another school with or without the intention of completing a same or similar program of study. In this instance you would be responsible for paying any costs associated with the education or training received at the new school.  However, the new school may evaluate and accept credit hours earned at Wright Graduate University and apply them to your program at the new school. In some cases, the new school may also award you credit based on approved testing procedures.

Should I just transfer schools now?

Our foremost goal, as it has always been, is the well-being of our students. We remain committed to our mission and to continuing to  prepare our graduates for new career opportunities. That said, we are currently working with other similarly-accredited schools to arrange teach-out and transfer opportunities. We encourage you to meet with relevant Wright Graduate University administrators to determine the option which is best for you (contact info@wrightgrad.edu).

Why should I accept a teach-out and not just drop out or transfer to another college of my choosing?

In a teach-out, the receiving school agrees to accept all your credits towards the completion of your degree or certificate, even if they are different than their courses. They may also accept courses with lower grades than their policy might allow.  If you drop and transfer, the receiving school will evaluate your transcript like any other interested student, and you will not receive the additional benefits that the teach-out provides.

Will my credits be accepted for transfer at another school?

The acceptance of transfer credits is always at the discretion of the receiving institution. However, we will be reaching out to similarly-accredited universities with related programs to encourage their acceptance of the credits you have earned at Wright Graduate University

Where can I go if I have additional questions?

If you have additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Mike Zwell mike@wrightgrad.edu or Lisa Sanden lisa@wrightgrad.edu.  

Meet Our Students And Grads

See how Wright Graduate University helped them transform their lives.

My transformational leadership studies are empowering me to be a satisfied woman in business, making sure that I’m not backing down when I have a vision, an initiative, something that I feel is important that I’m going for. Because I’m looking out for each person, the whole group is successful and everyone benefits.

Jennifer Masi Master of Arts Graduate, 2018

Wright Graduate University has enhanced my life in ways I never thought possible. The yearning-based learning methodology has allowed me to learn more about myself and how I operate in different environments. I am a mother of two young girls, I work full-time, and I am a business partner. I, regrettably, waited two years before choosing to sign up for the master’s program thinking I needed to change my circumstances to open space for education. Let me ensure you, it will not detract from but only enhance your current life.

Rosenda González Master of Arts Graduate, 2022

What I discovered at Wright Graduate University was a dimension of richness of human interaction which I had never experienced. My relationship with my clients and coworkers became enhanced by what I was learning. I could see people’s strengths and weaknesses more clearly and support them better. I had more grace for my own struggles as I learned more about what made me tick. I have never been more connected to myself and others.

Marilyn Pearson Master of Arts Graduate, 2014

Wright Graduate University is the most unique education I have ever experienced. In my second year of studies, I was single and living by myself; however, I barely felt lonely because I was getting so much connection, support, and nourishment from my Wright Graduate University education. Now, the person who didn’t want to be a coach, who didn’t want to be a leader, wants to be a coach and a leader who can bring what I’ve been learning to people in Japan.

Junki Aoki MA Graduate, EdD Student, Class of 2025

I have been integrating my academic research and personal development directly into my role. I’ve been able to combine my leadership with my coursework by bringing personalized examples into my assignments. Between the WGU faculty and my student cohort, I’ve received critical feedback that I’ve taken directly into my company - positively impacting myself and my team in the process.

Drew Allison Current WGU MBA Student