Foundations of Human Development & Emotional Intelligence for Transformational Business

Course Number: MBA 112

Program Prerequisite: MBA 100

Prerequisites or Corequisites: PL01

Credits: 7 Credits

Course Description:

The people you lead run the enterprise or section of the enterprise you lead. The better you understand yourself and those you lead, the better you lead. Transformational leadership begins with yourself. Research shows that a growth mindset and learning organization lead to more effectiveness.

This foundational course helps you as a coach and leader to understand the developmental process of others. To be more sensitive to your business leadership style, you learn theories and research of child development and how these processes impact adult behavior, emotional intelligence, and career and life success. By understanding how you became who you are, you are better able to become who you could be and help others do the same in coaching, leadership, and teaming. Leadership foundations begin with the one-to-one experience, even when you lead large groups, each individual responds to you as an individual. The phrase, one-to-many refers to the collective of those you lead, and teaming refers to how effectively individuals interact in shared outcome activities.

You learn about emotional intelligence, a recognized factor in successful leadership, coaching, training, and teaming, while also developing your emotional intelligence skills and facility. Individual developmental needs
and emotional intelligence are analyzed and facilitated from the perspectives of the six core fields of Developmental Psychology, Adlerian Psychology, Human Potential, Existentialism, Educational Theory, and Neuroscience and other research, and their synthesis in Wright Integrative. Topics covered include attachment theory; the purpose and neuroscience of emotions; the contribution of emotions to learning, effective decision-making and communication; and how emotional data support positive self-concept and executive hardiness.

Meet Our Students And Grads

See how Wright Graduate University helped them transform their lives.

Wright Graduate University is the most unique education I have ever experienced. In my second year of studies, I was single and living by myself; however, I barely felt lonely because I was getting so much connection, support, and nourishment from my Wright Graduate University education. Now, the person who didn’t want to be a coach, who didn’t want to be a leader, wants to be a coach and a leader who can bring what I’ve been learning to people in Japan.

Junki Aoki MA Graduate, EdD Student, Class of 2025

Wright Graduate University has enhanced my life in ways I never thought possible. The yearning-based learning methodology has allowed me to learn more about myself and how I operate in different environments. I am a mother of two young girls, I work full-time, and I am a business partner. I, regrettably, waited two years before choosing to sign up for the master’s program thinking I needed to change my circumstances to open space for education. Let me ensure you, it will not detract from but only enhance your current life.

Rosenda González Master of Arts Graduate, 2022

What I discovered at Wright Graduate University was a dimension of richness of human interaction which I had never experienced. My relationship with my clients and coworkers became enhanced by what I was learning. I could see people’s strengths and weaknesses more clearly and support them better. I had more grace for my own struggles as I learned more about what made me tick. I have never been more connected to myself and others.

Marilyn Pearson Master of Arts Graduate, 2014

My transformational leadership studies are empowering me to be a satisfied woman in business, making sure that I’m not backing down when I have a vision, an initiative, something that I feel is important that I’m going for. Because I’m looking out for each person, the whole group is successful and everyone benefits.

Jennifer Masi Master of Arts Graduate, 2018

I have been integrating my academic research and personal development directly into my role. I’ve been able to combine my leadership with my coursework by bringing personalized examples into my assignments. Between the WGU faculty and my student cohort, I’ve received critical feedback that I’ve taken directly into my company - positively impacting myself and my team in the process.

Drew Allison Current WGU MBA Student
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