Is a Master’s in Leadership Worth It?



What would a master’s degree in leadership have to do to be worth 2 years of your life and $66,000 on average?

Research on educational attainment shows that people with master’s degrees are 3% more employable and earn 20% more on average than bachelor’s degree holders. Is that enough?

Unless you have the luxury of pursuing a passion project specializing in your field of interest for the love of it, you need to be clear about the return on investment you expect to get from a master’s degree.

Finances are just one aspect of considering your return on investment. Will your Master’s in Leadership also help you apply social-emotional intelligence skills to get better results and more satisfaction and fulfillment for yourself and those you lead—at work and everywhere in life that you engage with others?

Transformational leadership research shows this is possible. Read on to find out how.


Not All Degrees Are Created Equal

If you have made it this far, you are likely still considering a graduate degree. On that note, it also may be safe to assume that you genuinely care about improving yourself and your leadership.

You are a conscious member of society who wants to contribute to the world. Which means you want to do more than learn and understand leadership concepts. You want to take your understanding of leadership to the next level. You want to embrace leadership that transforms. However…

Is a master’s in leadership worth it?

It depends on the master’s degree. Let’s dive in and find out.

Research shows that the number of recipients of master’s degrees awarded is increasing every year, and that, yes, master’s degrees do increase alumni’s salaries. But, what about their lives? Their job satisfaction? Their relationships?

Never fear – there are countless programs that will quickly give you a master’s degree to add to your resume. So, if you are simply looking to “check this box” on your resume, then these types of programs may be right for you.

However, if you are still reading this, odds are you want to improve your career AND the world as a transformational leader – someone who strives to win the hearts and minds of those they lead and serve.

Transformational leaders do four things, according to a theory first proposed in 1985 by Bernard Bass and confirmed over several decades of research by Bass & Riggio.

Idealized Influence. Transformational leaders walk their talk. They are genuine and human. They don’t say one thing and then do another, and they don’t expect anything from you that they don’t expect from themselves. In fact, they expect more from themselves.

Individualized Consideration. Transformational leaders are socially and emotionally intelligent leaders–they care deeply about the concerns and development of those they lead.

Inspirational Motivation. They have vision, and they imbue that vision with meaning that each staff member can personalize and take into their day-to-day work.

Intellectual Stimulation. These leaders embrace critical thinking and growth mindsets to challenge long-held beliefs, individually and collectively.


The Importance of Applied Education

The key to a master’s program in leadership that will improve your career as a transformational leader immediately is applied learning.

Most programs spend time teaching you concepts, but to be an impactful leader, you have to immediately apply the concepts you learn in the classroom to your career and your life.

“What we have to learn to do, we learn by doing.”


At Wright Graduate University, our students take the concepts learned each week, apply them to their life, and reflect on what they learned through that application. This continuous process of learning, application, and reflection helps students connect those learned concepts to their actual careers for a more powerful impact that’s both immediate and long-lasting.


Find a Program to Grow Yourself, Not Just Your Salary

It’s no secret that many students pursue higher education in hopes of a salary increase… as they should! All that hard work should pay off, literally. In fact, among Wright Graduate University’s 2019 MA graduates: 71% obtained a new position or promotion during their education and 86% reported increased income versus when they started their WGU program.

However, there is so much more growth that can come from a master’s degree.

“I’m getting my return on investment right away because I’m applying my learning to grow, everyday.”

Monica Irvin, Master of Arts, 2022

You can’t lead others authentically until you’re authentic yourself, which means you must know yourself first.

Why is that crucial?

Every leader must deal with the fact that 75% of the people they lead operate from conformity. 75% of the people they lead will be looking at their peers to see what they will do, and then do that.

To be a transformational leader, you must be able to disagree and still feel like you belong.

That’s why social and emotional intelligence is at the heart of transformational leadership AND the heart of the Wright Graduate University’s Master of Arts in Transformational Leadership and Coaching. This program prepares you to understand and employ historic and emerging human empowerment technologies in serving others, both in business and in life.

Who will YOU be after this program?

Graduates of Wright Graduate University are prepared to assume roles as professional coaches, leaders, trainers, and facilitators in business, public administration, human services, and other organizations and settings that would benefit from expert assistance in the application of human development principles to problems of individual and/or institutional improvement.

But even more important is that you will be more you. The best version of you. The version of you that is prepared to go out and transform the world.

Yes, you get to check the box on your resume. AND you get to change the world, just by being more wholly you.

So, is a master’s in leadership worth it? Yes, if it helps you achieve your potential.

Does the world need more MA’s? Debatable.

But YOU at your highest potential? That’s what the world needs most of all.

Ready to see how this program can benefit your life and your career? Learn more about the Master Of Arts In Transformational Leadership And Coaching at Wright Graduate University.

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