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Graduate Certificate in Social Intelligence for Leadership and Coaching

Program Duration

  • 6 months
  • 13 quarter credit units

Study Format

  • Blended/Hybrid

Upcoming Start Date

  • January 22, 2021


  • $11,583





Wright Graduate University's graduate certificate in social intelligence for leadership and coaching enhances effective social interaction in both professional and personal environments.

Social intelligence is fundamental to the ability to influence others, get work done, and succeed as a transformational leader and coach. It is essential to understanding:

  • Individual motivation
  • The way groups function
  • The blocks and limiting beliefs that inhibit effectiveness
  • How authentic personal power can manifest
  • The way people function in relation to authority

In this certificate program, you will learn to:

  • Inventory the many varieties of influence and personal power you employ.
  • Analyze self-imposed blocks that prevent you from realizing your full power.
  • Identify personal power styles.
  • Influence and motivate others through a variety of tools and methods.

You will receive an overview of developmental and existential philosophy to help you understand the power of orienting to principles in any situation, including the power of being your most authentic, truthful self.

You will also learn to identify and use purpose as a guiding and sorting tool in daily life. Purpose is an essential element of work that informs every aspect of coaching, leadership and vocational success. Through this certificate, you will identify an initial life purpose statement and discover ways in which having a clearer sense of mission brings deeper meaning and greater performance to all careers.

You’ll analyze your natural gifts and talents and explore how applying those gifts in the service of others can generate a lifelong sense of satisfaction and meaning.


Learning Objectives

Wright Graduate University’s four graduate certificate programs comprise courses that are scaffolded into the Master of Arts in Transformational Leadership and Coaching. In these certificate programs, competency of program outcomes below is developed to varying degrees with in-depth mastery achieved only through the cumulative completion of the Master of Arts in Transformational Leadership and Coaching degree.

Upon successful program completion, you will be prepared to:

  • Apply appropriate visionary transformational leadership skills to a wide range of environments and situations.
  • Employ transformational emergence coaching skills in a wide range of environments and situations. 
  • Conduct professional/business training.
  • Demonstrate professional/business communication.
  • Demonstrate a principle-based philosophical orientation to personal responsibility.
  • Initiate strategic self-development for personal, career, and organizational success.
  • Manifest social-emotional intelligence skills in personal life, leadership, and coaching.
  • Exercise integrative, transdisciplinary planning and problem-solving.


Academic Coursework

  • Introduction to the Six Core Disciplines of Wright Integrative Learning in Transformational Coaching & Leadership
  • Coaching & Leadership Approaches to Developing Personal Power
  • Purposeful Living in Coaching & Leadership

Performative Learning

  • Year of More: Personal Power Quarter
  • Year of More: Purposeful Living & Leadership Quarter

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Gainful Employment Information

  • Number of units/credits required for this program: 13
  • Total Tuition and Required Fees for the entire program completed in normal time: $11,583
  • 6-digit CIP Code for Program (from Dept. of Education): 52.1006 (Executive/Career Coaching)
  • SOC Code(s): 11-9151.00
  • The normal time in months to complete program as published in Graduate Catalog: 6


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