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Academic Calendar

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IIn the interest of providing maximum community resources to Wright Graduate University students, the 2020-2021 calendar below reflects events for the entire Wright Foundation for the Realization of Human Potential.

A plus (+) indicates items that the fulfill academic requirements for Wright Graduate University. Consult the WGU Catalog, your mentor, or the Registrar for applicability to your particular program as well as ideal scheduling for your course of study.

[W] = Held at the main Wright Graduate University Campus
          N7698 County Highway H, Elkhorn, WI 53121

[C] = Held at the Chicago Learning Site
         445 E. Ohio, Suite 300, Chicago, IL 60611 (or off-site location that is to be decided)

See for non-WGU registration details.

APRIL 2020
24-26         PL04 YOM Purposeful Living & Spiritual Development Weekend [C] +
30              Summer Quarter Begins
30-May 1   WGU Summer Quarter Orientation [W] +

MAY 2020
1-3             Principled Leadership [W] +
                  Group Process Leadership [W] +
2-3             WGU Summer Residential Weekend 1 [W] +
30-31         WGU Summer Residential Weekend 2 [W] +

JUNE 2020
21-28         Leadership intensive [W]

JULY 2020
11-12         WGU Summer Residential Weekend 3 [W] +
17-19         Team Empowerment [W]
21              Community Graduation [C]
22              Summer Quarter Ends
24-26         PL01 YOM Nourishment & Self-Care Weekend [C] +
30              Fall Quarter Begins
30-31         WGU Fall Quarter Orientation [W] +

1-2             WGU Fall Residential Weekend 1 [W] +
29-30         WGU Fall Residential Weekend 2 [W] +

Nothing Scheduled

3-4             WGU Fall Residential Weekend 3 [W] +
20              Community Graduation [C]
21              Fall Quarter Ends
23-25         PL02 YOM Family & intimacy Weekend [C] +
29              Winter Quarter Begins
29-30         WGU Winter Quarter Orientation [W] +
31-Nov 1   WGU Winter Residential Weekend 1 [W] +

Nothing Scheudled

5-6             WGU Winter Residential Weekend 2 [W] +

2-3             WGU Winter Residential Weekend 3 [W] +
20              Winter Quarter Ends
22-24         PL03 YOM Personal Power Weekend [C] +

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“I’ve realized that people are the most important thing in business. My ultimate concern is making sure everyone around me is thriving, from my employees to my children at home. Everything I’m learning at Wright helps make that happen.” read Jennifer's story here 

“I am thriving because the education at WGU taught me not just to learn with my mind but to lead with my heart.” read Joy's story here