Classes Start: October 22, 2021
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Graduate Certificate in Social Intelligence for Leadership and Coaching


Introduction to the Six Core Disciplines of Wright Integrative Learning in Transformational Coaching & Leadership (AC01, 1 credit)

In this foundational course, you will be introduced to the core disciplines of Wright Integrative Learning. This exciting introduction to the master’s and certificate programs at WGU will take you on a tour of the logistics, conceptual foundations, and methodological approach to maximizing human potential.

You will write your first paper showing your initial understanding of the WGU approach to personal and professional transformation by writing about how Wright Integrative Learning uses the theories and methodologies from its six core disciplines: Developmental, Adlerian, Human Potential, Existentialism, Educational Theory, and Neuroscience and Other Research.

This course is part of the orientation process, and introduces you to the basic concepts and theorists in each of these disciplines. It also provides you with an overview of how these theories and methodologies can be integrated to form a comprehensive approach to coaching and leading others to consciously engage in their own transformation as you engage in your own transformation.

No prerequisite.

Coaching & Leadership Approaches to Developing Personal Power (AC32, 6 credits)

The ability to influence others and get work done—in other words, personal power—is a key attribute of all human beings you will tap and develop in your coaching and leadership. This course helps you identify and understand the many varieties of personal power you already employ, as well as self-imposed blocks and limiting beliefs that prevent you as well as those you coach and lead from realizing full personal impact. You discover the relationship of authenticity and personal power.

Skills taught include identifying your personal power styles, learning different means of influencing and motivating others, and developing your social intelligence. An overview of developmental psychology and existential philosophy helps you understand the power of orienting to principles in any situation, including the power of orienting towards personal principles of truth and authenticity.

Prerequisite or co-requisite: AC01.

Purposeful Living in Coaching & Leadership (AC42, 6 credits)

Purpose is an essential element that informs every aspect of career and life success. Your study of principled behavior and purposeful living will give added meaning and direction to all your coaching and leadership. You will identify an initial life purpose statement and discover ways in which having a clearer sense of purpose gives focus and perspective to all you do.

Learning to live the principles of transformation bring deeper meaning and greater performance to all your coaching and leadership. You will analyze your natural gifts and talents and explore how applying those gifts in the service of others can generate career success and a lifelong sense of satisfaction and meaning.

An overview of existential philosophy, human potential, Adlerian education and psychology, and other aspects of Wright Integrative helps you understand the relationships of applying principles such as intent, choice, and responsibility to successful leadership and coaching.

Prerequisite or co-requisite: AC01.


Performative Learning (PL) Trainings

All Performative Learning Trainings are non-credit bearing and include:

  • A weekend training at the beginning of the quarter.
  • A weekly evening 1.5-hour class for 13 weeks.
  • a 45-minute coaching session biweekly.
  • Weekly online written check-ins demonstrating what you learned and how you grew.

Year of More: Personal Power Quarter (PL03, 0 credits)

In this PL you study forms of personal power and develop strategies to enhance your use of your personal power. You use your enhanced skills to overcome barriers, take more risks, and develop new ways to understand and apply the principle of intention. You understand and apply the law of requisite variety, develop more connected relationships, and take greater personal responsibility in work and other areas.

You learn, practice, and apply different skills of personal power each week in your personal and professional life and in your coaching and leadership.

No prerequisite.

Year of More: Purposeful Living & Leadership Quarter (PL04, 0 credits)

In this PL you practice living with the principles of purpose, learn about the qualities of purposeful living, and begin to identify your own life purpose. You further challenge disempowering and limiting childhood beliefs, choose empowering beliefs and principles to live by, and find ways to experience every interaction as growthful.

You learn about developmental models of personal development and apply these as a map to guide your spiritual development in ways that can apply to believers of all faiths. You learn and practice the skills of principle based leadership and coaching.

No prerequisite.

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“One of the things that brought me to Wright was wanting to find work that gave me a sense of purpose. Thanks to WGU and the Wright foundation I have found meaning in my career. I want people to understand that you can keep learning and developing for as long as you intend it.” read Karen's story here

“I now feel more established and credible as a coach and I bring more to the table because I’m living what I’m learning in my own life as well.” read Gertrude's story here