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School Calendar

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In the interest of providing maximum community resources to Wright Graduate University students, the 2018 calendar below reflects events for the entire Wright Foundation for the Realization of Human Potential.

A plus (+) indicates items that the fulfill academic requirements for Wright Graduate University. Consult the WGU Catalog, your mentor, or the Registrar for applicability to your particular program as well as ideal scheduling for your course of study.

[W] = Held at the main Wright Graduate University Campus
          N7698 County Highway H, Elkhorn, WI

[C] = Held at the Chicago Learning Site
         445 E. Ohio, Suite 340, or off-site location TBD.

See for non-WGU registration details

5-6               WGU Winter Residential Weekend 3 [W]
25-27           PL03 YOM Personal Power Weekend [C]
31-Feb 2      WGU Orientation [W]

2-3               WGU Spring Residential Weekend 1 [W]
15-17           Personal Emergence Process 1 [W]

MARCH 2019
2-3               WGU Spring Residential Weekend 2 [W]
15-17           Personal Emergence Process 2 [W]
30-31           WGU Spring Residential Weekend 3 [W]

APRIL 2019
23               Community Graduation Celebration 7pm [C]
24               WGU Quarter End +
26-28          Group Process Leadership Training [C]
26-28          PL04 YOT Purposeful Living & Spiritual Development Weekend [C]

MAY 2019
2-3              WGU Summer Quarter Orientation [W]
4-5              WGU Summer Residential Weekend 1 [W]

JUNE 2019
1-2              WGU Summer Residential Weekend 2 [W]

JULY 2019
6-7              WGU Summer Residential Weekend 3 [W]
23               Community Graduation 7pm [C]
24               WGU Quarter End
26-28          PL01 YOM NSC weekend

1-2             WGU Fall Quarter Orientation [W]
3-4             WGU Fall Residential Weekend 1 [W]

7-8             WGU Fall Residential Weekend 2 [W]

5-6             WGU Fall Residential Weekend 3 [W]
22              Community Graduation 7pm [C]
23              WGU Quarter End
25-27         PL02 YOT Family and Intimacy Weekend [C]
31-Nov 1   WGU Winter Quarter Orientation [W]

2-3             WGU Winter Residential Weekend 1 [W]

7-8             WGU Winter Residential Weekend 2 [W]

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“One of the things that brought me to Wright was wanting to find work that gave me a sense of purpose. Thanks to WGU and the Wright foundation I have found meaning in my career. I want people to understand that you can keep learning and developing for as long as you intend it.” read Karen's story here

“I now feel more established and credible as a coach and I bring more to the table because I’m living what I’m learning in my own life as well.” read Gertrude's story here