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Master of Arts in Transformational Leadership and Coaching (M.A.)

Program Length

  • 27 months
  • 57 quarter credit units including master’s thesis


Upcoming Start Date

  • October 26, 2018



Wright Graduate University's Master of Arts in Transformational Leadership and Coaching (M.A.) is designed to prepare professional coaches, enhance the coaching and leadership skills of those currently in careers, or develop other adult and mid-career students as scholar practitioners to bring out the best in themselves and those they lead and/or coach.

The program prepares you to be a coach and leader who understands and employs historic and emerging human empowerment technologies in serving others.

Through the Master of Arts in Transformational Leadership and Coaching (M.A.) program, you develop an in-depth understanding of the principles of transformational leadership and coaching. These principles provide a foundation for developing coaching skills to apply as professional coaches and as career enhancement in a wide variety of professional settings.

Graduates are prepared to assume roles as professional coaches, leaders, trainers, and facilitators in business, public administration, human services, and other organizations and settings that would benefit from expert assistance in the application of human development principles to problems of individual and/or institutional improvement.


Learning Objectives

The following are the primary program learning outcomes for this degree. Attainment of these outcomes will ensure your ability to:

  • Demonstrate a solid foundational knowledge of the fields of human development, Adlerian theory, human potential theory, existentialism, educational theory, neuroscience and other research as they inform your own growth and the theory and practice of transformational coaching and leadership.
  • Analyze key concepts and principles associated with each of the above mentioned fields and integrate academic, personal, and applied learning. Learning is demonstrated through experiential exercises, classroom interactions, weekly written discussions, and development of personal narratives and capstone project summarizing growth and learning.
  • Demonstrate personal and professional development throughout the program through engagement in weekly performative learning activities associated with course themes and concepts. Learning is demonstrated through experiential exercises, classroom interactions, weekly written discussions, and development of personal narratives summarizing growth and learning.  Plan, enroll participants, and deliver trainings, presentations, and coaching sessions associated with designated assignments throughout the program.
  • Describe Wright Integrative theories, principles, and methods of transformational coaching and leadership, including emergence coaching principles; related International Coaching Federation (ICF) competencies; evolating theory; the Wright developmental framework; and grounded theory and grounded leadership methods.
  • Develop leadership and coaching competencies and apply them in your career and life, as demonstrated by participation in classroom interactions, experiential exercises, and weekly online assignments and discussions focused on coaching and leading others.


Academic Coursework

  • Introduction to the Six Core Disciplines of Wright Integrative Learning in Transformational Coaching & Leadership
  • Foundations of Human Development & Emotional Intelligence for Coaching & Leadership
  • Foundations of Human Relationships for Coaching & Leadership
  • Coaching & Leadership Approaches to Developing Personal Power
  • Purposeful Living in Coaching & Leadership
  • Scholarly Inquiry & Critical Thinking
  • Transformational Leadership & Group Dynamics
  • Professional & Leadership Coaching
  • Processes of Transformation in Coaching & Leadership

Master of Arts in Transformational Leadership and Coaching (M.A.) Capstone

Master’s Capstone

Performative Learning

  • Year of Transformation: Nourishment & Self Care Quarter
  • Year of Transformation: Family & Intimacy Quarter
  • Year of Transformation: Personal Power Quarter
  • Year of Transformation: Purposeful Living & Spiritual Development Quarter
  • Group Process Training
  • Peer Empowerment Training
  • Coaching Lab

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Gainful Employment Information

  • Number of units/credits required for this program: 57
  • Total Tuition and Required Fees for the entire program completed in normal time: $46,287
  • 6-digit CIP Code for Program (from Dept. of Education): 44.0000
  • SOC Code(s): 11-9151.00 
  • The normal time in months to complete program as published in Graduate Catalog: 27


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“One of the things that brought me to Wright was wanting to find work that gave me a sense of purpose. Thanks to WGU and the Wright foundation I have found meaning in my career. I want people to understand that you can keep learning and developing for as long as you intend it.” read Karen's story here

“I now feel more established and credible as a coach and I bring more to the table because I’m living what I’m learning in my own life as well.” read Gertrude's story here