Master of Business Administration

Upcoming Start Date

  • October 22, 2021

Program Length

  • 21 months
  • 64 quarter credit units including MBA capstone

Program Format

Wright Graduate University delivers learning through a hybrid of synchronous and asynchronous elements. Synchronous participation is required for weekend learning sessions conducted once per month at the residential campus in Elkhorn, Wisconsin, with option of in-person participation or distant participation via online meeting or telephone. Students participate asynchronously in online discussions between weekend learning sessions.


Wright Graduate University's Master of Business Administration (MBA) provides core understanding of human development, motivation, and influence that is critical to business relationships, communication, and effectiveness. In this degree program you will learn to apply your studies in a real-world array of influential leadership and communication skills – from one-to-one interactions to one-to-many, performative behavior-based self-development assignments, applied projects, and team activities—applied in the MBA to the business domains of your choosing from sales to operations, medicine to manufacturing, and education to consulting.


Learning Objectives

The following are the primary program learning outcomes for this degree. Attainment of these outcomes will ensure your ability to:

  • Demonstrate visionary transformational leadership skills.
  • Demonstrate transformational emergence coaching skills.
  • Conduct professional/business training.
  • Demonstrate professional/ business communication.
  • Demonstrate a principle-based philosophical orientation to personal responsibility.
  • Initiate strategic self-development for professional success.
  • Manifest social-emotional intelligence.
  • Exercise integrative, transdisciplinary problem-solving.
  • Demonstrate integrous, ethical business development and customer service.
  • Demonstrate accountability for inclusive financial/ operational management of an organization.


Business Fundamentals

  • Principles of Accounting and Finance*
  • Principles of Economics*
  • Survey of Business Law*

*Students that do not have prior college coursework in these areas must complete the applicable courses prior to graduation. See "Transfer of Credit and Equivalency" section of the catalog for information.

Transformational Leadership & Coaching Integrative Core

  • Integrative Learning and Transformational Development for Business Leadership
  • Foundations of Human Development & Emotional Intelligence for Transformational Business
  • Foundations of Human Relationships for Transformational Business
  • Approaches to Developing Personal Power and Influence
  • Purpose, Mission and Principles of Transformational Business
  • Group & Organization Dynamics for Transformational Business Leadership
  • Professional & Leadership Coaching for Transformational Business

Master of Business Administration (MBA) Capstone

  • MBA Capstone Project

Management & Operations Series

  • The Fundamentals of Business
  • Applied Leadership in Operations
  • Financial Analysis and Decision Making
  • Managing to Results
  • Markets ad Uncertainty

Business Development Series

  • Applied Network Science and Social-Emotional Intelligence for Business Development
  • Foundations of Consultative Sales
  • Self-Management and Systems for Sales Professionals
  • Managing the Buying Process: Understanding Microeconomics, Client Decision-Making, and Account Management
  • Marketing and Authentic Brand Management
  • Sales Team Management, Development, and Culture

Performative Learning

  • Year of More: Nourishment & Self Care: Foundations of Emotional Intelligence
  • Year of More: Robust Relationships: Foundations of Social Intelligence
  • Year of More: Personal Power
  • Year of More: Purposeful Living & Leadership
  • Group Process Training
  • Personal Emergence Process
  • Coaching Lab

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Gainful Employment Information

  • Number of units/credits required for this program: 64
  • Total Tuition and Required Fees for the entire program completed in normal time: $51,884
  • 6-digit CIP Code for Program (from Dept. of Education): 52.0201 (Business Administration and Management, General)
  • SOC Code(s): 11-1010.00, 11-1021.00, 11-2022.00, 11-3012.00, 11-3121.00, 11-3131.00 
  • The normal time in months to complete program as published in Graduate Catalog: 21

The MBA is a new program first being offered in October 2021. As such, other gainful employment data such as retention and placement will be added here, along with their calculation methodologies, once such data becomes available.

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