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Grading Policy




Status/ Grading Points


92.5 – 100

89.5 – 92.49





Above Average

86.5 – 89.49

82.5 – 86.49

79.5 – 82.49








76.5 – 79.49

72.5 – 76.49





Below Average

*Not passing

69.5 – 72.49

66.5 – 69.49

60.0 – 66.49








*Not passing

Below 60




The syllabus for each course describes the basis upon which the course is graded, including the rubric by which projects are graded. A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0, with no grade lower than a 2.0 (C) for any course is required to receive a graduate certificate or degree.

Grades are recorded on the student’s transcript by the Registrar. Students may access their grades on the LMS approximately 10 days after the end of the quarter.

A student who withdraws from a course within the first fourteen days of the quarter will not be charged for the course.

If a student withdraws from a course having attended less than 60% of the course, he/she will be assigned a grade of “WF” for that course, and charges for the course will be prorated in accordance with the College refund policy (withdrawal after having attended 60% of the course will result in an F being assigned). The student must retake and complete the course with a passing grade if the student chooses to re-enter.

If a student fails a course, the student must successfully repeat the course prior to graduation. Repeating a course will incur additional tuition charges. When a student repeats a course, the lower grade will be replaced with an RT and the higher grade will be used in calculating the CGPA.

Courses with a grade assignment I, IP, WF, RT, TR, and AU are not included in determining the CGPA. Refresher and non-credit remedial programs are not offered.

A student may receive one of the following grades when the course is not completed or the requirements for earning course credits are not met:



Status/ Grading Points




In Progress* (applies only to Ed.D. courses 511 and 600, which may be taken over multiple quarters


Withdrawal/ After Deadline/ Fail = 0 Points**


Recognizes completion of requirement through consortium


Audited/ No Credit**


Used to identify a repeated course for which a higher grade was earned and indicated elsewhere on the transcript.***


* No credit awarded. Converts to F if not completed in specified period

** No credit awarded

*** Higher of two attempts included in GPA


Incomplete Coursework and Grades:

If a student reaches the end of a quarter and has not completed and submitted the required assignments and/or project(s) he/she will fail the course. However, incomplete academic work for unforeseeable, emergency, and justifiable reasons at the end of a quarter may result in an Incomplete being entered in the student’s record.

To apply for an incomplete and extension, students must submit a written request to the instructor detailing the reasons why the coursework is not completed and an estimate of time it will take to complete the coursework.

With the approval of the instructor, a student will have up to one additional quarter to amend the “Incomplete” grade. During the extension, a grade of “I” will be posted with the registrar by the instructor. If and when the outstanding assignment(s) or project(s) have been submitted to the instructor, the “I” will be replaced by a standard grade (scale above). In the event that the student does not submit the work by the end of the extension period so that a new grade may be assigned by the faculty, the “Incomplete” grade will become a failing grade (F).

Incomplete extensions are not automatic and approval is up to the discretion of the course instructor.

Timely Submission of Graded Assignments (Late Work Policy):

It is the expectation that all assignments (e.g., discussions, papers, projects) for courses are turned in on time by the published due date in Canvas. If a student experiences extenuating circumstances that impact their ability to complete an assignment, including health, work or family issues, it is the student's responsibility to contact, via Canvas messaging, the faculty of record in a timely manner. This request must be submitted and approved prior to the published assignment deadline or no late work will be accepted. The request must include your extenuating circumstances as well as a proposed submission date. The proposed submission date must be reasonable for the stated extenuating circumstance and must be no later than the end of the current quarter. Approval for late submission is determined by the faculty of record. Any assignment submitted late and without an approved exception will earn zero (0) points.


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