Classes Start: October 22, 2021
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Facilities & Equipment

The learning model of the Wright Graduate University is a distributed, tutorial model, with one-on-one independent studies combined with weekend seminars and programs. Because Wright’s graduate learners and faculty are widely dispersed geographically, the majority of faculty-learner interaction is online through zoom (real-time), through the online learning management system (using threaded discussion posts), and by phone/email. All WGU faculty are equipped with cell phones, remote computer access, and appropriate software, and strive to make themselves accessible through these media.

Weekend learning sessions are conducted monthly at the main campus, the Prairie Springs Woods Conference and Retreat Center near Elkhorn, Wisconsin. Students may attend real-time from anywhere via zoom and are encouraged to attend these weekend learning sessions in-person whenever practical to engage with fellow students, faculty, and staff who gather on campus. 

The campus features two beautiful dome-shaped buildings, built with wooden beams arced into hyperbolic parabolas. The main floor of the second dome is the retreat center’s primary instructional and community gathering space, accommodating up to 115 individuals in lecture-style seating or 80 individuals seated at tables. The second dome’s lower level features a 300 square foot office and reception area. Including the three smaller buildings present at the center, there are a total of seven meeting spaces and dormitory-style sleeping quarters for up to 75 students and faculty.

The campus is equipped with wireless Internet access, dormitory-style housing for overnight accommodations, plentiful parking areas, and a private drive. The campus facility is also used as a training facility for Wright Living non-credit trainings on a schedule that is compatible with its use by Wright Graduate University.

Student Housing

WGU provides on-campus housing for in-person participants of the monthly weekend learning sessions.  The cost of on-campus accommodations is included with the course tuition and fees. If students choose to stay off campus during residential weekends, they are responsible for the expenses incurred. No refund of tuition is provided to students choosing not to stay on campus.

Please see full details regarding our distance education model and optional in-residence attendance here

Wright Graduate University main line: 262-742-4444


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“One of the things that brought me to Wright was wanting to find work that gave me a sense of purpose. Thanks to WGU and the Wright foundation I have found meaning in my career. I want people to understand that you can keep learning and developing for as long as you intend it.” read Karen's story here

“I now feel more established and credible as a coach and I bring more to the table because I’m living what I’m learning in my own life as well.” read Gertrude's story here